Thursday, October 26, 2006

what ifs

i just finished windmills of the gods and morning,noon and night.. both by sidney sheldon. i love the first one, i wasn't able to put it down eversince i started reading it.. its a good book. i highly recommend it.go grab a copy.thanks to books for less teeheehee... ;o
i'm pissed with someone, and it sucks because it's someone close to my heart. i don't know why she keeps on pushing me to the limit.. sometimes i just want to shout and say 'enough' but god knows that's not what i want to say. i would often wonder what its like if i cut my life support to her.. maybe i'd cry.. maybe it will hurt. but only for a while.. the big question is.. can i handle another heartbreak? can i handle someone leaving me for the nth time?? but what if its the best thing we can do for the both of us? what if its the best option than to stay going around this never ending circles and end up hurting each other?? what if it was never meant to be??
i should be an expert in handling heartbreaks.. this isn't my first..second..third..etc.. and i know this won't be my last.
but what the hell..
why does it always have to hurt like this?
i look upon the moon and stars at 11:31:00 PM
0 stars were shining bright even without the moon