Thursday, June 08, 2006

the reason why i wake up with a smile on my face every morning...

This is charlie.. i love him sobra kasi everytime i pick him up for our dri bath session, he doesn't hesistate that much unlike chloe. He's a bit pasaway but once u hear him chirp... hay naku.. you just can't resist!! ;)

everyone.. meet chloe..she's celebrating her 4th month with me, and i love her with all my goddamn heart. i love stroking her kasi she's malambing and all.. =)
ayun lang.. i love 'em both. they keep me sane. kaya pag wala ko sa bahay i'm always worried na baka wala na silang water sa cage.. nyahahahah....
i'm not insane..just an animal lover =)
i look upon the moon and stars at 10:39:00 AM
0 stars were shining bright even without the moon