Wednesday, May 31, 2006

tsk tsk tsk

sorry for not posting for like how many days. im so tamad. tsktsk. i just don't have the urge to write. kinakalawang na utak ko. harhar.. anybody up for an intellectual intercourse?? i need some before i head back to schooL. being a home body for more than 2 months isn't really a good thing. i've gained what i lost because i stopped taking my diet pills (i started taking it again though), i'm broke, my atm's busted.. i can't even watch a movie!! argh i just hate it.

i had a pseudo conversation with denise last night. she was wondering why a lot of people.. are settling for flings and why all of a sudden they are afraid to have a commitment.

my POV lang. the reason i am not into commitments at the moment is because i am planning to work and study at the same time. i don't want my partner to feel neglected or taken for granted. plus, i just had my heart broken last march 12, and it's too early to have another relationship. kumusta naman yun sana allow me to move on noh. i'm halfway already, and i'm taking it slowly but surely because before i move on to the next phase, i want to make sure i won't go back to where i've started. for the record i don't have any phobia or fear about having a relationship. I STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE, and i still have faith that someone out there is destined for me. cliche as it may sound, wala na lang pakialamanan. haha. :)

anyway i'm having a blast living a single life. i can be as insensitive as i can without hurting anyone.

oh yeah but at the end of the day you still wish that you have someone to come home to... awwww...

i also have to remind myself to not get back with an ex.. oh and i'm not bitter..

just stating a fact ;)
i look upon the moon and stars at 12:19:00 PM
4 stars were shining bright even without the moon