Wednesday, May 17, 2006

im just about to commit suicide

passed my exam at west contact services despite the fawking math questions. never mind the headache. interview on the 23rd (hay ang tagal no, natapat yata kami sa maraming applicants eh). no opening for part time so i might opt for full time instead. yes dear, i am about to kill myself. law school and a full time call center job. kewlness!! aba malay mo pumayat ako dito. harharhar.

really, even if it means i have to sleep less or totally ditch my social life, i don't care. i want to work. and i will finish law school. sana lang wag ako agad sumuko. hehehe ;)

isipin ko na lang, everytime i am about to give up, i am doing this for myself. at kakayanin ko to. aja. hehe.

at syempre no, di ako papayag mawala ang social life ko ng tuluyan. nyeta yan, papakamatay na nga ako ipagkakait pa yan? grabeh naman. hehe.

da vinci code na tomorrow!! i think i'll be watching it all by myself (wawa naman) since my bro can't watch (he's only 17) and my mom and dad made it clear they don't want anything to do with movie.. ok ok.. point taken. so yun. ah, no one can stop me from watching, tagal ko kaya inabangan to! and then the next day, sama ko na bro ko, over the hedge naman. kewlness!

argh i hate my red tide!
i look upon the moon and stars at 9:04:00 AM
4 stars were shining bright even without the moon