Monday, April 30, 2007


An Open Letter to PBB Management

I would like to express my disappointment with PBB season 2 and its management. I know this letter will most likely be ignored but still I would like to vent my frustration over three things: (1) the misleading announcements/teasers, (2) the grossly biased editing of the primetime edition, and (3) the livestreaming.


In the April 28 episode of PBB on primetime, Toni Gonzaga announced that a housemate would be forcibly evicted, but the identity of the said housemate will be revealed on the next day’s episode, April 29. So the viewers waited with bated breath for the April 29 episode. However, the April 29 episode only showed the confrontation which transpired between Bea and Maricris, ending with Toni’s pronouncement (again!), “kung sino ang mapapatawan ng forced eviction, abangan bukas.” The viewers waited with bated breath for this very important development, only to learn that the scheduled announcement was put off for the next day. Toni did not even explain why.

This is not the first time that PBB misled its viewing public. This also happened with the balut episode of Tina. It was announced in TV Patrol World and in the PBB Update of Bianca Gonzales that the balut episode would be shown on the PBB primetime edition that evening. However, the primetime episode only showed the same teaser shown on TVPW and Update, with Toni saying, “abangan ang buong kaganapan bukas.”

Are you doing this for the ratings, or what? TV rating is the only possible reason I can think of why you have to fool the viewing public. And fool us, you did.


Since the first season, I have already observed the one-sided editing of PBB shown on primetime to favor certain housemates. This season, the unfair editing is so disgusting. You can’t blame us if we think you are trying to protect a certain housemate because of your very crude and biased editing, as in garapal talaga.

I am referring in particular to Wendy Valdez. It is very obvious that you are favoring and protecting her because you never show her bad side on primetime, whereas you have no qualms in showing the bad side of the other housemates. Some of her bad behavior which you did not show on primetime include, but are not limited to, the following :

1. Wendy’s rudeness to Tina such as: speaking in Tagalog while looking at Tina then laughing out loud – Tina even had to ask her several times if she (Wendy) wanted to say something; while sharing a cigarette, Wendy commented, “ke bago bago, nakiki-share”; while they were together with some other housemates, Tina was talking about Europe then Wendy said, “ang boring,” and immediately left; Wendy only talked to Tina because BB gave her a task.
2. Wendy and her cohorts having their backbiting sessions inside the prayer room, neither were they punished. The house rule state that, “The prayer room is a special spiritual place in the Big Brother house where you can contemplate, read the Bible or other spiritual materials, and pray. You are not allowed to hangout and conduct other activities in the Prayer Room. Keeping the place solemn is the rule.”
3. Wendy violated the “no mouthing of words” rule. Even Bodie, her ally, called her attention to this, but she was not given an automatic nomination. Her automatic nomination was for the lapel microphone which she turned off.
4. She called Saicy’s attention when the latter started to hang out with Gee-Ann, telling her, “akala ko doon ka na sa kanila.” Apparently, she does not want her minions to associate with the other housemates. And she had the gall to comment that the other girl housemates do not hang out with them! It is she herself who is creating a faction with herself as leader. Those not in her group are the subject of their backbiting sessions.

There are more incidents of Wendy’s bad attitude never shown on primetime. I don’t need to enumerate all, as I am sure, you are well aware of them. You just chose to ignore them to make Wendy look good on primetime.

Another disgusting thing about primetime is your tendency to show a particular event several days late. Whereas in the previous editions of PBB, events occurring on a particular day are shown on primetime the next day, now it’s shown two or three days after. And some scenes are stretched over several days like Wendy’s overacting reaction to Bruce’s leaving. The viewers had to suffer through it for several days. Oh, come on! We are fed up with the Wendy-Bruce “loveteam.”

I pity the viewers who rely only on the primetime edition and do not follow the events on the “24/7” livestream. They are the ones being duped. All TV viewers deserved to see both the good and the bad side of each housemate.


Some subscribers sarcastically call the supposedly 24/7 live feeds as only 20/7. Why? Because they pay for 24/7 access but there are times you turn the feeds off to compel them to watch the unfolding events on primetime instead. You are cheating the subscribers of their money. And you claim “technical reasons” as your excuse. The subscribers are not stupid.

Another indication that you tend to favor Wendy: There are times when the two cameras showing the live feeds are focused only on Wendy even when she is not doing anything. Naka-tunganga lang siya, pero nakatutok ang dalawang camera sa kanya! There are other housemates in the house, why focus on Wendy alone? If your cameramen are so smitten with Wendy that they cannot help but focus on Wendy, at least assign one camera to the other housemates. The subscribers do not pay good money just to watch Wendy on live feed.

Would it be too much to ask for an improvement in your management of PBB?

I used to be an avid follower of PBB since season one but I am beginning to wonder if season two is worth all the trouble. I just hope your machination won’t backfire on you.

Respectfully yours, (You’ve lost my respect.)
Regretfully yours,


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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

pda yeng ;)

hay nakakapagod talaga maglakad-lakad sa mall ngayon. sobrang daming tao tapos idagdag mo pa yung gusto mong bumili ng ipangreregalo pero ang bottom line is... wala kang pera.
well anyway, nakakita ako ng winnie the pooh na mug, cguro yun na lng bibigay ko kay donna. i hope magustuhan nya. siguro pati kay april yun na rin. mga alagad ni winnie the pooh! hehe.. haiz. i need to buy something for my bestfriend pa nga pala. huhuhu.. pati sa L2. tsk.
pakiramdam ko, ako si bob ong. hehe. taglish ang sulat. yung tipong parang may kinakausap ka lang. in short, parang ganito nga. nakuha ko rin tong style na to sa blog ni graxa.
sheesh..lapit na pasko. at single ako! actually first xmas ko to na single.. since 2002.. hmm.. pero ewan ko, siguro magiging happy din naman ako. baket? kasama ko naman family ko.. andyan naman friends ko. kahit na nagpapakasaya yung iba kasama ang mga significant other nila at ako ay eto.. nanlalamig ang pasko... atleast im not hurting. hehehe. yes im trying to convince myself to feel ok and i know i will be ok.
now ko lang napasin, walang kakwenta kwenta mga tinatype ko dito ah. agrh. di tulad kanina habang naglalakad ako sa sm. jusko walang tigil ang mga idea sa utak ko. di ko na nagawang mag online sa netopia, kasi naman.. haller naka dsl din nman dito sa bahay, libre pa. baket pa ko dun sa magbabayad ako diba??? ayan tuloy, puro trash lang tong nasusulat ko ngaun. in short.. basura! parang si avic lang! haha ;)
o sya sya.. sa susunod ulit na basurang entry....

nanood ka ba ng pda??? vote ka na dali!!
PDA YENG send mo sa 2331 (globe and sun) 231 (smart, tnt)
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Saturday, November 25, 2006

numb to the highest level

i am taken no more last november 21. i got hurt, yeah.. but not that much. i cried.. but just the right amount of tears to be shed for someone like my ex. i never gave up on the relationship.. on us.. because i know.. we can make it. i have never been this positive in my whole life. i even have plans of marrying the ex. but sadly.. when you're tired and you're fed up.. even if you know you love the person far more than you could.. even if it'll hurt like hell.. you just have to give up.. because you ran out of reasons to stay.. add to that the fact that you also ran out of reasons to fight for the love you believed will last a lifetime.

sometimes i would ask myself if the problem is me. after my ex of 2 years and 9 months, i never seem to have a relationship longer than 6 months. wala ng sumunod na matino after nya. ok i'll be honest. i would be lying if i say na i don't feel anything for that ex (2yrs), pero naman may sarili na syang life.. a life that is a zillion times away from me.. a life that does not include me. so why bother?? argh. im making my life complicated. screw me.
i just wish my ex the best. alam ko nasaktan ko sya sa mga nasabi ko the day we called it quits. by im only human. and i have the right to get mad.. naubos na pasensya ko. sana lang, hindi ganito ang ending. i don't want my ex to hate me and vice versa. but wtf, i hate my ex. haha. i hate my ex to pieces. and god knows i don't want to see my ex, kahit marinig ang name nya. it makes me uncomfortable. ewan ko ba, para kasing ginawa nya kong tanga eh. at syempre pa, kaya ako naiinis kasi nagpakatanga rin ako. i could have said no, or i could have just ended the relationship a month ago. pero hindi ko nga ginawa. baket? eh kasi nga mahal ko sya. pero totoo pala yun, pwedeng mapalitan ng galit ang pagmamahal sa isang tao. when that happens.. there's no turning back.

ewan ko. di ko alam kung anong sasabihin ko sayo. ikaw ex na 2 yrs, mahal pa rin kita till now. it sucks.

sa recent ex ko naman. I HATE YOU. magpatingin ka na sa psychologist or whatever. basta.

nakakapagod maghintay at sabihin sa sarili mo na meron naman itinakda para sayo. pero pano kung wala? pano kung sinabi lang nila yun para di naman masakit tanggapin sa mga taong tatanda pala mag isa?? baket ba di na lang kasi sabihin na habang buhay ka ng mag isa, ja.. at wala ng magtatagal sayo dahil hanggang 6 months ka lang.. aray ko!

but i still believe in love.. *sigh*
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

what ifs

i just finished windmills of the gods and morning,noon and night.. both by sidney sheldon. i love the first one, i wasn't able to put it down eversince i started reading it.. its a good book. i highly recommend it.go grab a copy.thanks to books for less teeheehee... ;o
i'm pissed with someone, and it sucks because it's someone close to my heart. i don't know why she keeps on pushing me to the limit.. sometimes i just want to shout and say 'enough' but god knows that's not what i want to say. i would often wonder what its like if i cut my life support to her.. maybe i'd cry.. maybe it will hurt. but only for a while.. the big question is.. can i handle another heartbreak? can i handle someone leaving me for the nth time?? but what if its the best thing we can do for the both of us? what if its the best option than to stay going around this never ending circles and end up hurting each other?? what if it was never meant to be??
i should be an expert in handling heartbreaks.. this isn't my first..second..third..etc.. and i know this won't be my last.
but what the hell..
why does it always have to hurt like this?
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

happy birthday

Happy wappy Birthday Shielah Baby!!

Love yOu!!!
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Sunday, June 25, 2006

convincing powers

i'm so tired.. but it was all worth it.

i'll be really busy starting this week.. haaayy..

but being busy won't stop me from meeting L2 at prov or tulyase.. i need some extra horse running through my veins.. teeheehee.. :)


last saturday, i was able to watch the fireworks display at MOA with some of the ladies from L2.. i had to turn my back against them because i know any moment i might cry.. hehe.. ang babaw.. wala lang.. i just thought that watching the fireworks with someone you lurve is one memory i'd like to have. kaya lang i dont even have the slightest idea on who to bring the next time i had the chance. looks like i'll be watching it alone for some time....


i have to confess.. sometimes i miss being in a relationship.i just try to convince myself that this isn't the right time to have one.. im not that serious.. and that i don't have time for that.

i hope i can still convince myself.
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Friday, June 09, 2006

tsk tsk tsk

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

the reason why i wake up with a smile on my face every morning...

This is charlie.. i love him sobra kasi everytime i pick him up for our dri bath session, he doesn't hesistate that much unlike chloe. He's a bit pasaway but once u hear him chirp... hay naku.. you just can't resist!! ;)

everyone.. meet chloe..she's celebrating her 4th month with me, and i love her with all my goddamn heart. i love stroking her kasi she's malambing and all.. =)
ayun lang.. i love 'em both. they keep me sane. kaya pag wala ko sa bahay i'm always worried na baka wala na silang water sa cage.. nyahahahah....
i'm not insane..just an animal lover =)
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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

tsk tsk tsk

sorry for not posting for like how many days. im so tamad. tsktsk. i just don't have the urge to write. kinakalawang na utak ko. harhar.. anybody up for an intellectual intercourse?? i need some before i head back to schooL. being a home body for more than 2 months isn't really a good thing. i've gained what i lost because i stopped taking my diet pills (i started taking it again though), i'm broke, my atm's busted.. i can't even watch a movie!! argh i just hate it.

i had a pseudo conversation with denise last night. she was wondering why a lot of people.. are settling for flings and why all of a sudden they are afraid to have a commitment.

my POV lang. the reason i am not into commitments at the moment is because i am planning to work and study at the same time. i don't want my partner to feel neglected or taken for granted. plus, i just had my heart broken last march 12, and it's too early to have another relationship. kumusta naman yun sana allow me to move on noh. i'm halfway already, and i'm taking it slowly but surely because before i move on to the next phase, i want to make sure i won't go back to where i've started. for the record i don't have any phobia or fear about having a relationship. I STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE, and i still have faith that someone out there is destined for me. cliche as it may sound, wala na lang pakialamanan. haha. :)

anyway i'm having a blast living a single life. i can be as insensitive as i can without hurting anyone.

oh yeah but at the end of the day you still wish that you have someone to come home to... awwww...

i also have to remind myself to not get back with an ex.. oh and i'm not bitter..

just stating a fact ;)
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

im just about to commit suicide

passed my exam at west contact services despite the fawking math questions. never mind the headache. interview on the 23rd (hay ang tagal no, natapat yata kami sa maraming applicants eh). no opening for part time so i might opt for full time instead. yes dear, i am about to kill myself. law school and a full time call center job. kewlness!! aba malay mo pumayat ako dito. harharhar.

really, even if it means i have to sleep less or totally ditch my social life, i don't care. i want to work. and i will finish law school. sana lang wag ako agad sumuko. hehehe ;)

isipin ko na lang, everytime i am about to give up, i am doing this for myself. at kakayanin ko to. aja. hehe.

at syempre no, di ako papayag mawala ang social life ko ng tuluyan. nyeta yan, papakamatay na nga ako ipagkakait pa yan? grabeh naman. hehe.

da vinci code na tomorrow!! i think i'll be watching it all by myself (wawa naman) since my bro can't watch (he's only 17) and my mom and dad made it clear they don't want anything to do with movie.. ok ok.. point taken. so yun. ah, no one can stop me from watching, tagal ko kaya inabangan to! and then the next day, sama ko na bro ko, over the hedge naman. kewlness!

argh i hate my red tide!
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